BA Thesis

Absolventi a jejich bakalářské práce
Departments: Early Music Performance Practice

Charles University, Prague-Faculty of Education 

Three-year full time Bachelor of Arts programme:  

Petr Hamouz
Cello Concertos by Josef Antonin Gurecky
Michaela Kouřilová

Wenceslao Wodiczka and his Works for the Flute  

Magdalena Malá

Antonín Reichenauer and his Violin Concertos 


Michala Roubalová

Instruction of Playing on the Baroque-Flute in the 21st Century in Comparison with Methodology of J.J.Quantz 

Lukáš Vytlačil

Suites for Flute and Continuo of Flutists and Oboists in the Orchestra of Louis XIV.