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Church Choir Conducting

Church Choir Conducting

Three-year full time bachelor study

The study programme, based on historical continuity, provides systematic practical and theoretical training of choirmasters and church directors. The course is intended to train choirmasters of sacred music, directors of cathedral choirs and conductors of all types of choir.

The course of study concentrates on specialised instrumental coaching (organ and piano) with a particular emphasis on improvisation and accompanist techniques, conducting (the study of choral works from all stylistic periods, the directing of choirs and working with a score) and on voice training (solo and chorus). The tuition includes the history of music and of sacred choral music, latin and Gregorian chanting.  Music theory comprises the study of harmony and counterpoint, the basics of basso continuo, musical forms and the analysis of composition.

Graduates will be equipped to work as directors of cathedral choirs responsible for the musical aspect of cathedral life, as conductors of all kinds of choirs, both amateur and professional and as members of professional choirs, répétiteurs and organists.

Admission requirements include completed secondary-level education and passing of the entrance examination. Applicants are expected to be experienced choir members and to have good singing skills. Special emphasis is placed on sufficient grasp of musical theory and excellent aural skills. Applicants will prove their conducting faculties by conducting a choir composition. The entrance examination includes a test in in sight-reading of a simple score; basic knowledge of organ playing is to be considered an advantage.

The study programme is concluded by a BA Final Examination (BZK) which includes a graduate’s concert with orchestra and the examination of the BA thesis. The BA thesis requirements include mastering of musical-historical rudiments and the basics of editing practice.

Information about the study programme:

University: Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Faculty: Faculty of Education, M. D. Rettigové 4, 110 00 Prague 1
Accredited External Campus: Collegium Marianum
Study Programme: Pedagogy Specialization (B 7507)
Departments: Church Choir Conducting (8201 B 079)
Form of Study: Three-year full time Bachelor study
Qualification: BA title 

For further information please contact: Collegium Marianum – Týnská vyšší odborná škola, Melantrichova 971/19, 110 00 Prague 1,

tel.: +420 224 229 462, e-mail: pavla@collegiummarianum.cz, www.tynskaskola.cz